Rosario College of Management Studies

Principals Message:

When an educated youth is caught for terrorist activities we raise our eyebrows about        Read more
                                                             Rev. Fr. Rocky Fernandes

Rosario College of Management studies is a promising new institution, established by the Rosario Cathedral Church, under the management of Catholic Board of Education. It is affiliated to the Mangalore University and offers a three year Degree Course in Bachelor of Business Management and Bachelor of Commerce. Rosario College of Management Studies is the upgradation of the Rosario P.U. College.

The College has an experienced Principal and dedicated staff. The Institution aims at fulfilling its objective, "Healthy mind in a healthy body." The focus of the institution is to produce future citizens of moral integrity, who uphold the values enshrined in the Constitution. It aspires to inculcate in the students values, skills and attitudes that will enable them to be ready for a job. The Management believes in the principles of responsible freedom, an atmosphere free from fear and responsibility for self. The lofty principles, dedicated staff, serene ambience and excellent infrastructure will create a conducive atmosphere for study in the Rosario College of Management Studies.

The College Emblem

The College emblem depicts the dome with the cross which represents the Rosario Cathedral. The coconut trees signify natural richness of Coastal Karnataka. 

    The lower right of the emblem has a book which symbolizes knowledge. Bat, Wicket and hockey sticks represent Sports and Games. The sports Torch reminds us in the Sports spirit for which these Institutions stand for. The Latin saying 'Mens Sana in Corpore Sano' magnifies the objective of education on the development of body mind and soul.

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