Rosario College of Management Studies

Rosario Cathedral

The local Management of the Rosario College of Management Studies is looked after by the Rosario Cathedral.  Rosario Cathedral the Oldest Church of the Coastal Karnataka was built in the year 1568.  The 440 years old Church was built by the Portuguese to cater to the needs of the Catholics who were working in a factory built for curing and storage of spices and condiments prior to their shipment. Owing to this reason the church was called “Factory Church”. 

Rosario Church is called 'Cathedral' because it is the Official Church of the Bishop.  The present structure was completed in the year 1905.  It is a Century Old Gothic Monument with its magnificent arches.  Its dome resembles that of the St. Peter's Basilica of Rome. The dome acts like a light-house for the sea-farers  in the Arabian Sea. 

The Church is dedicated to our Lady of Rosary. The word Rosary comes from the Latin word ‘Rosa’ which means rose.  Rosary is a garland of roses.  Catholics in the form of a particular prayer, offer a garland of roses to Mother Mary.  Therefore she is called ‘Our Lady of Rosary’.  She is the patroness of our College.

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