Rosario College of Management Studies

Rules and Regulations for the Students

  • a) Classes will be held between 9.15 a.m. to 3.45 p.m. on Weekdays. Saturday's classes will be held from 9.15 a.m. to 12.05 p.m. Saturday afternoons will be devoted to extra-curricular activities. A certain number of classes and tutorials will be held outside the working hours for which attendance is compulsory. Lunch break is from 12.50pm to 1.50pm on all the days, afternoon classes begin at 1.50pm.
    b) Common Morning Prayer starts at 9 a.m. Students those who come early will stand up and participate in the Morning Prayer devoutly with absolute silence. Those who are in the ground during morning prayers will stand where they are till prayers are over. By 9.15am all the students will be ready for their classes. No student will sit under the trees or will be roaming around in campus after 9.I5am. At the 9.15 am bell they will get in to the building and at the stroke of 9.15 am bell the college main gate gets closed, all should be inside class rooms by 9.20 am. No student will trouble or interfere in maintaining order and discipline in this connection. At the first or warning bell for class, given 5 minutes before the hour fixed for each session, students enter class and occupy their places. At the second bell the lecturers enter classes and the students stand in respectful silence to receive them.
  • When the attendance roll is called out, each one rises and answers to his/her name. All students must be in the classroom in time. If someone fails to respond to the attendance such student will be marked absent. The students will get their leave notes signed by the concerned lecturer before entering into the class room and it is done only in the staff room. Only during the morning first hour they can get the leave note signatures in the class room as an exception, those who make it as the regular habit will be warned.
  • Those who depend on public conveyance to come to the College, should leave their homes early enough to avoid peak hours and be at the College well in time. No excuses in these matters entertained.
  • During class the lecturer's permission is needed to move away from one's place or to leave the room. The lecturer has every right towards the student, to send out of the class room without assigning any reason. Student will clarify these matters in the department after the class. No student will directly approach the principal in these matters.
  • The lecturer has every right to change the place of a student with/without assigning any reason for the good of the student. Any argument about class rooms discipline will not be allowed inside the classrooms. However they may present their opinion with the lecturers after the class hour in their departments.
  • Students are not expected to loiter in the college campus or corridor unnecessarily. Whistling, making obscene sounds, raising the voice, haggling together in the corridor and campus is strictly prohibited, especially during lunch break. Banging the desks, doors, writing on the blackboard and anything that is not in line with the class room discipline will be taken seriously. Students are expected to spend their free time in the library or with the lecturers discussing the subject. They are forbidden from sitting on the steps of the staircases since students free movements are hindered.
  • a) Punctual and regular attendance is essential for the formation of character and is therefore insisted upon. Leave of absence from college should be obtained from the concerned authority. Unforeseen absence must be justified on return before entering class with a note of excuse from the parent or guardian duly signed. Leave note signed by parents must be shown to the lecturers who will initial their respective hour for which student was absent. A medical certificate should be furnished especially when a student is absent for a long time due to illness. A Medical certificate however does not entitle a student for attendance. The student already having less than 60% of attendance in any of the subject cannot be considered for medical leave. Those who are on medical leave must bring their parents to the college on their return and must produce hospitalization records and discharge summary from hospital from the treating doctor. An ordinary medical certificate from a physician towards ordinary fever and such other cases are not entertained. The names of students who are absent continuously for 2 weeks without any notice will be struck off from the register.
    b) Serious notice will be taken of absence without leave from the College Examinations and at the re-opening of classes after the holidays. In the case of illness, the production of a medical certificate shall be required. If a student is absent for internal exams no re-exams will be conducted unless parents come and report to the principal even though there is a valid reason. Students will prepare the assignments and participate in seminars in view of internal exams.
    c) 75% attendance is a must to be eligible to write semester exams. A candidate who does not satisfy the requirements of attendance even in one subject shall not be permitted to take the whole Semester Examination and he shall be required to repeat the course in a subsequent year. Every first Saturday of the month the attendance shortage will be published on the notice board. Such students will bring their parents within seven days to the college and are made to sign the indemnity bond with the signatures of parents and students. Those who don't get their parents within the stipulated period will be kept out of the classes and no attendance will be granted.
    d) The students are at liberty to contact their teachers to know about their attendance status in the staff room during interval
  • Irregularity in attendance, insubordination, discourtesy to Staff members, habitual inattention and late coming, neglect of work, obscenity in word or act are punishable by permanent or temporary dismissal. Minor offences are punishable by a fine or loss of attendance.
  • The College does not hold itself responsible for the conduct of its students outside its premises. In justice to itself however, it takes cognizance of any serious misconduct of its students committed outside its precincts and should any serious charge be fairly substantiated, the guilty shall be punished according to the gravity of the offence.
  • a) Students will carry their college identity cards and calendars on all the working days. The identity cards are to be worn around the neck with tag during internal and a semester exam to ascertain their identity and no other identity card is accepted. Students will be asked to quit the exam hall if they fail to do so. Students will wear uniform on all the days of the week. No black jeans pants instead of uniform pants are allowed in anyway. Students are insisted upon buying uniform from the college office only. They will cut their hair, nails from time to time. They will be warned in some cases and if not obeyed will be asked to leave the class room, marked absent.
    b) Damages to the property will be made good by the students at the earliest by paying 2 times the cost of it. Repairs cannot be undertaken by the student party. Such students will be sent home for seven working days on suspension order and while reporting back to the college after the expiry of the said period students will come with the affidavit through the advocate counter signed by the parent and the concerned student with a solemn promise not to repeat such behaviour.
    c) Birth day celebrations in the college of students and of lecturers are not permitted. No requests in relaxing this rule are entertained. No student will bring any gifts to the lecturers nor lecturers will ask for it.
    d) Students shall intimate to the college office if there is any change with regard to the changes in the postal address and telephone numbers.
    e) The students are forbidden from eating chewing gum/bubble gum in the campus and in class rooms /in building for several reasons. Such students will come under penalty of Rs 50. Someone wilfully disfigures the property of the college through use of chewing gum or other means a heavy penalty may be imposed. Use of mobile phones/ tabs any other gadgets which diverts attention of students from studies are strictly forbidden in the campus/ class rooms/ building. Cell phones and such other gadgets confiscated will be given back only on payment of penalty or student can collect it after the semester exams.
  • No student will post anything in the social media which in turn will ruin the name/ reputation of the institute/ college. Students are not allowed to arrange any sort of tours and picnics for which college is not responsible, no attendance will be claimed for such absence.
    Regular tests will be conducted in every subject by the concerned lecturers. The progress of the student in their curricular studies will be reported to their parents/ guardians during the parent teacher meeting. Internal Assessment: Two tests for internal assessment will be conducted in each semester and they will be of 90 minutes duration respectively. If a student fails to appear for any of the tests for a valid reason as judged by the Principal he/she will be given a chance to appear for another test of two hours duration in September/ March on payment of a prescribed fee of Rs. 50.00 per subject.
    N.B.: 1. All the students are expected to be present for all the examinations without fail.
    2. The absentees for the examination will not be granted re- examination without prior approval.
    3. Only serious medical emergencies will be considered for re- examination.
    4. Those who are neglecting internal exams may be asked to change their college since they show no interest in studies.
  • Every student must salute the members of the Staff on the occasion of his/ her first meeting for the day.
  • Books, magazines, newspapers etc., not approved by the Principal, are not allowed to be brought to the College.
  • Every student should posses an Identity Card issued by the College which should be produced whenever asked for, especially when dealing with the office and library.
  • Those that come with motor-cycles, scooters and mopeds should have a valid driving license and insurance. To avoid noise pollution and disturbance the vehicles should have efficient silencers. Students are allowed to park their two wheelers only in the place allotted to them. Wheeling or any kind of misuse of vehicles not permitted. Four-wheelers are not permitted inside the campus. Those who come on two wheelers strictly should enter the campus through the road behind the college & not through the main entrance so as to have free movement of primary children a" they enter and exit the campus.
  • We do not wish to see students consuming alcohol or using tobacco in any form on the College premises, or being found drunk or drugged If they do so, they will be dismissed.
  • Books, umbrellas etc. should have a name or mark by which the owner can be easily known; all stray or unclaimed property should be brought to the College Office.
  • Students are required to live either with relatives or guardians or in a hostel or lodging house or rooms approved by the College authorities. Residing in hotels is not permitted. Outstation students living in rented houses/ flats should invariably inform the principal, the details of place of residence.
  • Students must not join any club or society/ association or make any engagements that may interfere with their studies without the Principal's permission. They are not allowed to play in any team against the College.
  • Students are not allowed to take part in any political agitation directed against the authority of Government. They are also forbidden to engage prominently in any public movement without permission from the Principal. They are forbidden to engage in public protest. They are further required to observe all the disciplinary regulations which the Management may frame from time to time.
  • All extra-curricular activities cease by 3.45 pm
  • Catholic students are advised to frequent Sacraments at least every week. They will attend mass and confessions as and when arranged.
  • Letters officially addressed to the Principal should enclose reply postage. Only official letters will be handed over to the students. Private letters may be re-directed to the home or hostel address.
  • Attendance at classes and examinations, progress, as well as the conduct of the student will be taken into consideration while recommending students for merit certificates, concessions, scholarships, higher studies, jobs as well as for representing the College in extra mural activities.
  • Students are not authorized to collect donations from public for any of the College activity without the permission of the Principal.
  • Educational tours are to be organized with the prior permission of the Principal through class guids. For all such programmes written permission of the parents is required in the form of indemnity bond. No pienies are organised by the college
  • The students are not permitted to celebrate any religious festivals within the College campus without the prior permission of the Principal. No tours and picnics will be arranged by the college without prior permission of parents/guardians.
  • Students are not permitted to smoke or use tobacco in any form. They are also forbidderi to bring video games gadgets, transistor radios, cell phones, cordless phones, musical instruments etc., to the college. A fine will be imposed on those who violate the rules or such articles may be confiscated. Consumption of alcohol in the campus or entering the campus after alcohol consumption shall be an offence, punishable even with dismissal from the college.
  • Students are requested not to bring heavy cash or valuables to the college for which college is not responsible.
  • If any incident of ragging/communal tensions comes to the notice of the Principal, the concerned student shall be given liberty to explain before the committee and the student along with parent shall sign the report of such meeting and if this explanation is not found satisfactory the Principal would expel him/her from the institution.
  • Students must converse in English, Kannada or Hindi with their fellow students and with the teachers. Teachers shall not speak to the students in any other language except in English, Kannada or Hindi.
  • Students are expected to be neatly and modestly dressed in accordance with the rules of approved etiquette. They are expected to be in uniform, that is, Pants and Shirts for Men Students, and Chudidhars/Salwar Khameez for Women Students. Uniform is to be worn on all the days. No color dress is permitted. They should also wear the ID cards compulsorily. No excuses are given for not wearing uniforms.
  • Causing disturbance within the College premises, Library, Reading Room, Ladies Room, Play ground, diverting attention of the students from the Lectures, or of a teacher from teaching, insubordination and dis-respect to the teachers within or outside college premises, habitual inattention to class work, frequent absence, disturbing a class from outside, loitering in the corridors, making noise and disturbing the classes, picking a quarrel with the staff- teaching or non teaching or with other students, and any other act or acts which the Principal may deem as minor acts of indiscipline. Punishment for these acts of indiscipline may range from issue of warning, suspension from class and keeping the offender out of class for consecutive 4 periods by the concerned lecturers, imposition of fine or even suspension from the college for a period of seven working days at a time by the Principal.
  • Repetition of acts of indiscipline in spite of repeated warning, attending the college dressed in a manner contrary to social norms prevailing from time to time, indecent exposure in a provocative manner, disfiguring the walls, floors, furniture etc., of the college by writing offensive and indecent slogans, wanton destruction of the college properties, instigating others to commit acts of indiscipline of the college, physical intimidation oflaw abiding students, Indulging in criminal acts of any kind, rousing communal and caste feelings among students, demonstration of disloyalty to the country, its constitution and its flag, ragging of any kind of tending to cause physical and mental torture, attending the college in a drunken state, bringing to the college instruments like whistles, toys with the intention of creating noise and disturbing peace of the college, bringing and playing cassettes or radios inside the class or outside the class hours, smoking in the college campus and any other act or acts which the Principal may consider as are major acts of indiscipline. Students indulging in these major acts of indiscipline are liable to be suspended from the college and such students will lose attendance. The parents / guardian may be asked to withdraw the student from the college or rustication of the student from the college.
  • Ragging is a major offence. Those who indulge in ragging even in a friendly way or encourage ragging will face immediate dismissal from the college. No justification in this regard is acceptable.

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