Rosario College of Management Studies

Tests & Examinations

  • Regular tests will be conducted in every subject. The Students are required to answer these tests in right interest. Similarly absence for any reason will not be viewed lightly.
  • The progress of the student in their curricular studies will be reported to their parents/guardians. The progress report of the students sent to their parents/guardians should be returned to the Principal after affixing their signature there on. N.B.: 1) All the students are expected to be present for all the examinations without fail.
  • The absentees for the examination will not be granted re-examination without prior approval.
  • Only serious medical emergencies and the like will be considered for re-examination.

  • INTERNAL ASSESSMENT: Two tests for Internal assessment will be conducted in each semester and they will be of two hours duration respectively. If a student fails to appear for any of the tests for a valid reason as judged by the Principal he/she will be given a chance to appear for another test of two hours duration in September/March on payment of a prescribed fee of Rs. 50.00 per subject.

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Inauguration of the different Associations
Cultural, Management, Commerce, Language Association, Human Rights, N.S.S and Women’s Forum

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