Rosario College of Management Studies

To Parents and Guardians

  • Parents and Guardian are requested to co-operate with the Management and members of the staff and look upon the education of the students as a joint endeavor. Parents are requested to apprise themselves about the daily studies of the students at home and monitor their attendance in the college.
  • Absence from College examinations will be considered seriously. Absence, even for one subject should be justified by a written note. A medical note is needed in case of illness. Re-examination cannot be considered as a matter of right. In case of illness during the examinations, parents are expected to meet and inform the Principal immediately.
  • You are asked to meet the Class-Guides or other teachers if unsatisfactory progress or poor attendance is brought to your notice. A minimum of 75% attendance is required to complete the course without which a student is not eligible to take the semester examination. They will not be readmitted to the College.
  • We expect parents to participate in the parents' meetings and other activities of the College like Sports, Competitions etc. Attendance at Parent- Teacher meeting is obligatory. In case you are not able to attend for a just reason, please inform the Principal. Written information will be sent to parents if study tours are arranged.
  • Parents are specially asked not to allow their children to use a motorized vehicle without a valid license. Students who come by motor Bykes will submit a copy of licence to the college office. Students with two wheelers will enter the campus only through the entry behind the college building.
  • Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones to the college, if found they will not be returned till the student completes the course in the college. In some cases a heavy penalty may be levied/if permitted in few cases should be kept in silence mode.
  • Absence from class should be justified by a leave note from the student signed by the parent / guardian. Leave note duly signed by the Parents must be shown to the Lecturers for which a student was absent, before entering the class. A leave note for a long absence due to illness must be supported by a medical certificate. A medical certificate does not entitle a student for attendance.
  • Those students whose attendance is below 75%, their names will be published on the notice board and on in the college website on every first Saturday of the month. Such students will bring their parents within 7 days to the college staff room and meet the staff members and concerned class guide, write the indemnity bond and sign for the required documents, if they fail to bring the parents within the stipulated time such students will be kept out of the regular classes after the 7th day. Registered letter is posted in extreme cases to the parents when parents fail to respond to the telephone calls and other means of communication. Absentee messages will be sent to the registered mobile number of parents/Guardians on hourly basis. Absence to the class is notified through text messages on hourly basis to the registered mobile number of parents.
  • Parents should attend the PTA meetings on days allotted to them. They will receive a letter sent through ordinary post inviting for PTA.. They will also receive invitations of the varrious programmes held in the college.
    Parents are alerted to take note of the fact that the students will not be permitted to appear for the semester examination in the following cases:
    • Students who are not regular in attending classes.
    • Students who show lack of co-operation in disciplinary rules laid down by the college.
    • Students whose parents have failed to assume their responsibilities which are made known to them by the college.
    • Students who fail to pay their fees on time.
    • Students who fail to take up internal examinations.

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