Rosario College of Management Studies


The President of  CBE,  Rt. Rev. Dr. Peter Paul Saldanha

Rt. Rev. Dr.Peter Paul Saldanha. The Bishop of the Diocese of Mangalore is the head of the Catholic Board of Education.  It is a confederation of 78 Primary Schools, 48 High Schools, 16 P.U. Colleges, and 8 First Grade Colleges.
If the overall general management is seen by the secretary of the CBE at the central level, the parish priest, who is also is the joint-Secretary of CBE, sees to the  Management of a particular school at the local level.

The  Secretary of CBE Rev. Fr. Antony Michael Serrao

The present members of the Governing Board of the Catholic Board of Education are:
1 Rt. Rev. Dr Peter Paul Saldanha - President
2 Msgr. Lawrence Maxim Noronha - Vice- President
3 Rev. Fr Antony Michael Serrao - Secretary
4 Rev. Fr J.B Crasta - The Jt. Secretary
5 Rev. Fr. Rock Ravi Fernandes - The Head of the Institution
(The Above are the ex-office members)
6 Mr. C. J Simon - Vice President
7 Mrs. Lilly Lobo - Elected from the Parish Council
8 Mrs. Deepthi Rinet D’Souza - Staff Representative
9 Ms. Lovelyn Sharal Lobo - Staff Representative
10 Mr. Denis Vincent Sequeira - Parent Representative
11 Mrs. Freeda D Souza - Parent Representative
12 Mr. John D’ Silva - Educationist
13 Mr. Dolphy D’ Souza - Educationist
14 Mr. Felix Albuquerquea - Educationist

Local Administration:

The local administration of the College is carried out by the Local Governing body, under the leadership of the Joint-Secretary of Catholic Board of Education, presently Vry. Rev.Fr. John Baptist Crasta. The members of the local governing body are:

The Correspondent  of Rosario Educational  Institutions Vry. Rev.Fr. John Baptist Crasta

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